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 Your dishonor will remain long / Do you sense any ?
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Posted on 06-10-22 10:27 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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साझामा अमेरिकी राजनीति बिसयमा "why Trump for president / presidency " मा ५०-६० हजार भिजिट भयो होला र त्यो धागोका सृजकको जागिर नै तेही थियो कि ? किनकी त्यस पछि उनि बिलाए |
मानिस कसैको पछि लाग्ने र भक्त हुने कारण धेरै छन् : यदि राजनीति खेमा एउतै छ भने आफ्नो चरित्र अनुसारको नेता चुन्छन त्यो कुरा चाहि प्राईमरिमा मात्र लागु हुन्छ | रुसमा एउतै मात्र व्यक्ति पुटिन लाइ चाहे पनि नचाहे पनि रोजिन्छ र सधै जित्छन | यिनकै पथमा लाइ अनुनयन गर्दै ट्रंपले हारे पनि कुटिल चाल खेलेर पुन रास्ट्रपति हुने पूर्ण कोसिस गरे | यिनलाई संबिधान के हो र यसको महत्व के हो बुझे पनि पुटिन जस्तो देश चलाउने प्रयास निकै भए | रंग भेद को बिबाद लाइ उक्साएकै कारण १८ - १९ बर्सिय दिमाग दिग्भ्रमित बनाइएका हरु अटोमेटिक राईफल लिएर बच्चा देखि प्रौड सम्म कालको मुखमा परे | रिपब्लिचन हरु भ्रुण हत्याको बिसयमा बाइबललाइ अघि सार्छन अनि तेही भ्रुण बाट जन्मिएका हरु भुटिन बाट रोक्न किन पछि पर्छन ? यिनका दिमाग पनि दुई धारे तरबार सरह हुन् | अमेरिकी राजनीति बाइबलधारिका हातमा छ र चुनाब जित्नु नै सबै भन्दा ठुलो कुरो हुदैछ जुन पुर्बिय राजनीति भन्दा गए गुर्जेको लाग्छ |
लौ सुन्नुस रिपब्लिकनलाई दिएको संदेश : य़ोउटुब खोलेर हेर्नुस छोटो र मिठो लागेर तासको हु |

Posted on 06-10-22 9:37 PM     [Snapshot: 113]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Yo muzeeeee feri boulaayo.
Posted on 06-10-22 10:10 PM     [Snapshot: 120]     Reply [Subscribe]
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It has become fashionable among Nepali popular discourse and mainstream media to refer to Donald Trump as “the worst American president in history”.

Sure, Trump is a sociopath who would happily kill to get his way – but look at his predecessors!

FDR operated concentration camps.

Truman nuked 200,000 civilians.

Johnson sent mentally retarded teenagers to die in Vietnam.

Reagan’s War on Drugs (happily continued by his successors from both parties) incarcerated millions of people and devastated Latin America.

Bush Jr. legalized torture and started a war that killed at least half a million people.

Obama was also responsible for the bombing and deporting of many immigrants ( I don't remember Trump president affected Nepali illegal immigration as much as Barack Obama did )

Compared to those mind-boggling feats of evil, Trump’s “accomplishments” just seem… meh. The most infamous event of his presidency, the storming of the Capitol, was a one-day affair that led to a total of five casualties. It was a terrible crime with major political implications, and Trump is 100% responsible for it. But it pales in comparison to the Vietnam War, which killed 60,000 Americans and traumatized an entire generation (not to mention its effects in Vietnam itself).

Much has been said about Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Agreement and the WHO. It’s flabbergasting to see people’s sudden outrage at this, considering that “fuck everyone else” has been the main theme of US foreign policy forever. The US passed a law permitting themselves to invade the Hague. The US is the only(!) UN member that has not ratified the Convention on the Rights of the Child. The US hasn’t even paid its full dues to the UN in a long time. Trump’s middle finger to the world was business as usual for America.

Trump's ramblings on social media gave the impression that a complete idiot was in charge. He is evil and if you picked a dozen people at random, he would almost certainly be the worst among them.

But American presidents are not random people. They are power-obsessed individuals who have committed some of the most horrible crimes in history, including mass murder. As a US president, Trump was utterly mediocre. At least he didn’t start another war, which in my eyes already puts him above several post-WWII presidents. Obama was better, but Obama was an above-average president. Trump was below average, but calling him the worst of all time when even recent history includes war criminals as Bush reeks of media sensationalism, and is frankly insulting to the hundreds of millions of people around the world whose entire existence has been haunted by what some of Trump’s predecessors have done.

Following Biden's presidency what we are seeing is events like the Taliban overtaking Afghanistan and now the Ukraine war which has already affected our lifestyle not just in the US but all over Nepal. (you can not ignore the fact Biden is an incompetent president of the US)
Last edited: 10-Jun-22 11:27 PM

Posted on 06-12-22 10:32 AM     [Snapshot: 263]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Trump made a deal to withdraw from Afghanistan : https://www.verifythis.com/article/news/verify/afghanistan/afghanistan-troops-withdraw-deal-taliban-trump-biden/536-a68f951a-6bfe-4408-9d3b-96e85e425e45

Trump withdrew from Open skies treaty: https://aldianews.com/articles/politics/trumps-last-gift-putin-end-treaty-open-skies/61392

John Bolton said Putin put off invading Ukraine while Trump ‘did a lot of his work for him’: https://news.yahoo.com/john-bolton-said-putin-put-133433258.html?guccounter=1&guce_referrer=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuYmluZy5jb20v&guce_referrer_sig=AQAAAGC1UraGpii7tz5M7xMUmJTiNidrcaGa4Rf3bsTmi2IBP0ei0n4uFZERHNrp6__GNzLki9PSjHOioACF5BTdlN6je0S-EFz2jZJYleSFTX5gPo79zHu2XWwncMVhk-ze5OVwRFDbcoHJgRCbb6ZZyZhJD7K_r1Tu6h33hrKNy0GC

Trump saying he rather be a dictator : https://www.businessinsider.com/trump-rather-be-a-dictator-than-a-dumb-person-video-2022-4
Posted on 06-13-22 10:30 AM     [Snapshot: 354]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Trump sought to add $1.4 billion for fiscal year 2018 to the European Deterrence Initiative — a military effort to deter Russian aggression that was initially known as the European Reassurance Initiative. That's a 41 percent increase from the last year of the Obama administration.

Trump also agreed to send some pretty sophisticated weapons to Ukraine, which they are currently using to blow up Russian tanks. This is a step which Obama did not take (just noting the difference).

Trump gave U.S. forces in Syria more leeway to engage with Russian troops.

The Trump administration also imposed sanctions on dozens of Russian oligarchs and government officials.

Perhaps most importantly, Trump realized that one of the best ways to keep Russia down was to compete with them in oil and gas. He aggressively promoted US energy exports and projects like the Keystone pipeline. The reversal of these policies under Biden has helped Russia economically.

All of this has to be weighed against Trump's rhetoric toward Putin, which was as bizarre as it was consistently friendly in nature. It also didn't seem to match up with the underlying policy. This is probably what leads lots of people to believe that he was overly soft on Russia. I'm not saying that he was perfect, but I also don't think it's fair to characterize these policies as "soft".

Source 3: https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/white-house/trump-imposes-major-sanctions-russian-oligarchs-officials-companies-n863271

I also read that NPR article from 2018. Here's some more context, and what happened in the following 2 years.

In 2020 Trump diverted the money he pledged to the European Deterrence Initiative to fund the Mexico border wall.

The $39 million in sales to Ukraine is a fraction of the $400 million he withheld until Zelenskyy agreed to announce an investigation into his political rival.

While Obama did not provide lethal aid to Ukraine, he did provide $75 million in non-lethal aid including surveillance drones, radios, humvees, and night vision goggles.

The 2018 sanctions approved by Trump were one of a long history of sanctions imposed against the Russian government dating back to 2014, and they were neither notable nor particularly effective.

"The reversal of these policies under Biden has helped Russia economically." I would love to see a source on that. Here's mine that says "U.S. exports of liquefied natural gas to Europe exceeded Russia’s pipeline deliveries. Russian exports, which normally account for about 30% of Europe’s gas use, dropped substantially because of Russian pricing. And with European gas prices about four times as high as normal, U.S. exports surged to fill the gap."


Biden generic old white dnc yes-man that got shoved to the top of the pile by riding on Obama's coattails.

Posted on 06-13-22 10:41 AM     [Snapshot: 355]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Obama/Clinton/ France's "Humanitarian intervention" into Libya which destroyed the most stable, educated, and healthy country in Africa and replaced it with extremism, civil war, and slavery. Obama didn't ever care for a minute about Libyans.

Fact check: Biden claims al Qaeda is 'gone' from Afghanistan. Then the Pentagon confirms it's still there


Robert Gates, who served as defense secretary for the Obama administration, paused for a moment and said "I don't know" in an interview Sunday when asked if he thinks former VP Joe Biden would be a good president.

CBS's "Face The Nation" host Margaret Brennan asked Gates if he stood by a statement from his memoir that Biden has "been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades."


Trump actually had a plan and peace deal in place to withdraw by May 1st. A deadline that Biden blew right on past.


Biden admin ignored the previous deal and plan, created their own plan, and set an absolute stupid exit date of 9/11 (what were they even trying to signal?!) Biden has literally had since just the weeks after May 1st when the Taliban started their offensive to ensure we didn't have diplomats fleeing in helicopters.

Something a month or so ago he claimed - sorry no insisted wouldn't happen. This is an absolutely collosal screw up on the part of the Biden administration and I really can't imagine how they could have screwed this up worse.

"Biden grew testy as he rejected the likelihood that Americans would have to flee from Kabul as they did from Saigon in 1975.

He insisted that the United States had done more than enough to empower the Afghan police and military to secure the future of their people."


This situation has nothing to do with Trump because Biden already ignored Trump's withdrawal plan and deal. Biden admin trying to blame this on Trump might have some semblance of a point if they had actually followed Trump's plan but they didn't. This is 100% on the Biden Administration.
Posted on 06-13-22 1:02 PM     [Snapshot: 387]     Reply [Subscribe]
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400 million to help Ukraine withheld by Trump : https://news.yahoo.com/white-house-confirms-trump-withheld-ukraine-military-aid-in-part-because-of-dnc-server-rumors-180854146.html


Trump supporting hanging Pence : https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/donald-trump/trump-defends-jan-6-rioters-hang-mike-pence-chant-newly-n1283798

Trump supporting Russia :







Fox news supporting Russia :

Posted on 06-13-22 1:18 PM     [Snapshot: 398]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Missing Servers and Hillary's 30 thousands email will reveal every things.

Prachande AKA Badri Prasad Dahal, did he made money ? His answer is always NO.

So , Trump thinks Putin will tell the truth like asking a cat did you eat mouse?
Last edited: 15-Jun-22 11:45 AM


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